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Friday, June 1, 2012

Around the Farm Yesterday

We put in a busy day yesterday.  Then again it is the season for being busy with the fruit and veggie's ripening, the good weather for outside projects, and the general increase in chores due to milking and being short two kids.

When we were done with morning chores we picked the veggies in the garden and brought them in to be cleaned up for dinner.  The rest of the beets were ready so I picked them and cleaned out the garden bed where they were so we can plant something else.  I wanted to weed and put down some mulch but didn't have time.  As you can see by the picture we picked broccoli, cucumbers, a few carrots, squash, and green beans.  I also picked a couple of leeks to put in our stir fry for dinner.  The greens beans and potatoes that my son dug up will be for dinner tonight.  I can't wait. 
Since Veggies and fruit are best when canned fresh I went ahead and canned the beets and blanched the beet greens for the freezer.  While I did that my daughter picked the rest of the garlic and tried her hand at braiding it for storage. When it is braided you have to be very careful that it dries well so the braid doesn't get moldy.  While down in the kitchen I inspected the cheese that I made with herbs and spices in it.  It has to age 3 months before we can eat it.  It has a nice hard rind on it right now.  I am trying to decide if I should coat the outside with wax for the aging process.  We also canned 5 quarts of blackberries for winter.  I cleaned them and put them in sterilized jars, covered them with boiling spring water, put the lids on them, and sealed them in a hot water bath for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile my husband weeded and watered the strawberry bed and watermelon patch, mowed some lawn, and replanted the raspberry canes that aren't growing well.  We are power washing our back deck and staining it.  My son worked on taking lathe and screen off all day and I power washed the lower porch and boards.  We are picking up the stain tomorrow.....I can't wait to see it done.
We finished the day in the side pasture where my husband kindly brush hogged a path around to the different blackberry bushes.  We chatted and picked a bucket of blackberries together, came in a fixed dinner, and went to bed exhausted but happy with our accomplishments for the day.

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