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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Old Fashioned Independence Day Party

So we went to a really cool, Old Fashioned style, Independence Day party last evening.  It was a get together of our English Country Dance group and was held at an old historical home dressed in red, white, and blue bunting with our flag on display across the balcony over the front entrance.  We were treated to a Pot luck meal with everything you could imagine and wonderful wholesome conversation on the lawn.  A public reading of The Declaration of Independence from the front balcony followed by everyone singing The Star Spangled Banner with a cannon blast finale.  We gathered to have some fun while dancing some reels and lines of English Country Dancing.   Much merriment was had and the grand finale was a display of fireworks and more cannon blasts.

Are you aware that on Independence day in the past, the townspeople would gather at the square and listen to a public reading of the Declaration of Independence?  Have you read this important document lately?  We haven't and it was very thought provoking to hear what they were fighting for and against.  Some of the words could be spoken today and be relevant to events and people in our time.   After the townspeople gathered for the reading, they would celebrate with a meal then maybe a little dancing with a finale of cannon, gun shots, or fireworks.  They were reminded of what they had fought for.....their freedom......and they celebrated the freedom they had won.  I ask you, "What did you do on Independence Day?"  Did you think of the people that gave up all they had to fight for the freedom you enjoy?  Did you think of the men and women that fight now to maintain some of our freedoms?  Or maybe you got together at the lake, a BBQ, or with family and just enjoyed the day off and never gave a thought to the "Real Meaning" of Independence Day.

If you are as I have been, one of the people that didn't give much thought to what this day really means, I challenge you to go back and read the Declaration of Independence found here http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html  and give some thought as to what freedom really means, why we enjoy it, and how we will continue to have those freedoms that we fought so dearly for and won!

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  1. I was struck with how the Declaration really applies to this day and age. I hadn't read the Declaration in over 2 years...so it was quite nice and thought provoking to hear it again.