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Monday, December 10, 2012

Camping at Fall Creek Falls~Fun

We had a really nice weekend camping with some friends at Fall Creek Falls.  This is the Falls that gave the park it's name.  We did a bit of hiking and climbing on the rock all about.  It is very beautiful here.  Did I mention that I am afraid of heights?  Have I mentioned that there are a lot of cliffs and high places here?  I still think it is beautiful, I just don't take the chances that other people take when near high cliffs and drop-offs.  I do like to hike and be challenged with the terrain and we had a lot of rugged terrain to traverse going to the bottom of the falls.
Coming back up was great, lots of burn from the climb.  I could feel the bacon and egg breakfast being put to good use.
This is Ian showing us he isn't afraid of heights.  It was hard for me to watch him climb up there.

We went to Buzzard's Roost in the park.  You can see over huge valleys and walk out on a rock that is so high above the valley.  I was fine until my husband almost fell off the cliff there.

 This rock is across a crack that is very deep....and the rock is cracked.
I do have to tell you that on the way home we stopped by the nature center and I crosses a hanging bridge. This is a big deal since it takes a lot for me to do something like that.  Momma isn't such a chicken after all.

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