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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Healthy goats, healthy goat milk, healthy goat milk soap

The health of our goats is very important to us.  If our goats are healthy their milk is healthy and will have lots of nutrients and minerals.  Healthy goats require good management and good nutrition.We are constantly evaluating our management practices to ensure healthy animals.  We like to use a holistic approach in all we do. Prevention is the key, prevention through good nutrition and good environment.

We feed non-GMO, organic as possible grains, feed, and alfalfa to our animals as well as the organically produced vegetables and herbs we grow here. They are given free choice minerals, fresh water, and allowed to get lots of exercise and sunshine while roaming the fields of the farm. One of my favorite things to do is take them for a walk.  They get to eat tons of yummy leaves, weeds, and twigs and I get to be in god's creation and meditate on the beauty of it.

Our goats are like members of our family.  I've been know to share a few secrets with them and a hug or two for comfort. They know their names and run to your to get attention. 

At Raisin' Acres, the milk is carefully produced for our family and for the soap we make.  That way we know the quality of the milk that goes into our bodies and our products. 

 The benefits of goat milk soaps.

  • Goat milk soaps are free from chemicals that may hurt you and are in a PH range that is similar to human skin.  This makes goat milk soap a mild soap that is safe for all skin conditions.

  • Goats milk has alpha-hydroxy acids;  they help cleanse by naturally exfoliating dead skin cells. 

  • It has triglycerides,nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that nourish and act as natural emollients that help moisturize and feed your skin.

  • Has been shown to soothe and calm dry, inflamed skin and help with aging and wrinkles.
Why do you suppose Queen Cleopatra bathed in goat milk and was purported to have beautiful skin? Not all of us have a herd of goats to fill our tubs with milk but we do have access to goat milk soap and it's benefits. However, you need to beware, not all goat milk soaps are the same.  Some soaps are made with a small percentage of goat milk, powdered goat milk, or canned goat milk. When shopping around, be an informed consumer and ask how the soaps are made.  

At Raisin' Acres, we are committed to the quality of our finished soaps.  This quality starts with the animals that we care for and carries through to the finished bars of soap. If you are interested in trying our soaps go to www.raisinacresfarm.com and check us out.


  1. Man, does Jazzy look good in the picture! She's and eye catcher for sure! I miss the farm so much...