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Friday, June 8, 2012

Herbed feta in oil and around the house today

Pat went to pick up some more stain for the back deck and we will be getting to work on that this afternoon.  In the meantime I decided to make herbed feta in oil with a batch of feta I made a few days ago.  If the cheese remains covered in the oil and there isn't a lot of moisture this can be stored for a very long time.  I have made this and eaten the cheese as long as 18 months later and it tasted wonderful.  It does use quite a bit of olive oil depending on how well you can pack the cheese in the jar but you could re-use the oil for more cheese or I have used it in salad dressing and to drizzle on veggies.

To make this you need feta with all the extra moisture removed, good olive oil, herbs of your choosing, and a jar with lid.  I use wide mouth canning jars and for this herbed feta I used fresh garlic and rosemary.  Once the feta and herbs are covered with oil keep in a cool dark place.  You may not want to keep it in the refrigerator because the herbs can't infuse as well and the olive oil has a tendency to harden and stick to the feta in globs.

The bread I made yesterday is a little crumbly but good, we had that for a snack with a cold glass of milk.  I know we are going to be busy painting and I won't feel like making dinner tonight so I got a ham bone out and out it in the crock pot with some salt, peppers, onion, and navy beans.  This should be ready by dinner with some cornbread.  I used the leftover feta and made a cucumber, garlic, banana pepper, basil, One lonely cherry tomato, and cilantro salad for lunch.  All from our gardens and goats.  I drizzled this with olive oil and apple cider vinegar and a dash of pink sea salt.  So delicious!

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