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Monday, November 5, 2012


Here is my hubby with a coyote he shot out back.  We were out milking when our daughter spotted something in the upper field.  With the scope on the gun, we were able to determine that it was a coyote hunting for mice in the field.  Thankfully we spotted him before he decided to go for our chickens or goats.  I am so amazed at what a good shot my husband is...he shot him at 150 yards first shot.  Granted when the boys went up to check on him he got up and started running away with his insides hanging out.....they were able to put him down quickly with one more shot.  It always make me sad to shoot one of these critters but it is kill them or lose your livestock to them.  I would prefer to keep the animals we raise and labor over, thank you very much.

 By the way this guy weighed 45 pounds and was fully capable of taking down Jazzie our young Alpine.

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