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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Around the farm~March 2013

Spring is right around the corner in our neck of the woods.  We have been pretty busy for a few weeks but the pace is picking up a bit.  We have a ton of projects going, babies coming to the farm or being born, gardening chores, and milk, milk, milk.  I thought you might like to see a couple of the projects we are doing this month.

 This is a row of onions, I hope they turn out as nice as my onions last year.  We are now finishing up the bags I chopped and froze.

This is Violet.  She was a surprise.  Her Momma has a way of giving birth secretly AND quickly!  We went out to the barn to check on her Momma and there she was.  We brought her in to warm her up, Bella our dog loves to be part of the action so she was helping us take care of Violet.  Violet is now capering about the barnyard (when she isn't sleeping) causing all kinds of havoc.
 Ian refinished this bench for me and surprised me by having it hanging on the porch when I came home one day.  I really, really like sitting on this bench while I watch the comings and goings around here.  The really neat thing is this bench was a gift to us when our quadruplets were born.  I was on the porch of our old house.  I have a few pictures of our kids a toddlers sitting on this bench.  Now they can't all fit on it at the same time.  Maybe I will rock a grand baby on this bench one day.  Thank Ian, you are my hero!

 Connor, the morning he picked up his 75 meat birds.

This is the new water line to the barn and front yard.  As well as a new water pump at the barn, I get new walkways and landscaping off the front porch.  Can't wait to plant!

We have been planting onions and some other cool season crops.  I ordered a few more fruit trees ans planted them.  We have been working on mulching some garden areas. We really need to get the barns cleaned out for summer but I guess that will come.

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