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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kissing Frogs

Our kids are graduating in May so I figured I might want to sort through some pictures to create a collage or picture book to show how they have grown through the years.  Talk about walking down memory lane.  I have sorted through lots and lots of fun family times and moments caught on film for all eternity.  It seems like the older the kids have grown the fewer pictures we have taken.  Much to my chagrin.

I wanted to share a couple of cute pictures of the girl's and their Dad.......the year they decided to kiss a frog to see if the fairy tale was true.  I remember having a lot of fun with this and hope you enjoy.

I love the look on their Dad's face...what a handsome guy.  I also love the look on the frogs face in the second picture.  His eyes are bulging out!  Fortunately (or un-fortunately), nothing happened when they kissed and there weren't any prince's to tend to.  Then again maybe the problem was that their Dad couldn't convince them to really kiss the frog.

They are graduating and a step closer to finding their prince.  I hope I am ready for that one.

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