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Friday, February 8, 2013

The two week wait~AKA baby goat watch

We are going to have baby goats here on the farm again.  Rosie is due in two weeks and she is getting bigger by the day.  We always try to guess how many they are going to have.  I'm guessing she is going to have twins and that Layla is going to have triplets.  The other girl's aren't far enough along for me to guess yet.

Well that was written to weeks ago and I never finished the post.  Rosie had twin doelings yesterday afternoon after a longer labor than I wanted to watch.  Partly because I was beginning to worry that she was going to have problems giving birth.  But once she started in earnest, it was rather quick.

This picture is of her during labor....poor baby.

Rosie really loves her babies and takes good care of them.  Here she is with the first born, if you look close you can see the second one starting to be born (just hooves) while she cleans the first one off.

We choose to breed her to our alpine this year since she is a strong, healthy girl who gives rich, creamy milk and he comes from great milk lines that produce a lot of milk.  We were praying for doelings since last year we had many bucks and one doeling.  We are hoping that they will have some good characteristics from each parent.  One of them has Alpine ears and one of them as "elf" Lamancha ears.  We love their coloring and it will be hard to choose which one to sell and which one to keep.
Well I better be off to check on everyone.  Supposed to be 27 degrees tonight so wonder about bringing the little ones in for the night.  More due this next week....excited and scared.

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