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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Homemade Powder Foundation

I had a crazy idea the other day. Maybe it's not so crazy, but I still had the idea :) Anyway, I got to thinking about all the chemical junk that is in my makeup. Most of the "mineral" foundations and makeups have lead or other chemicals just as bad. Think about the yuck you are rubbing into your skin every morning! I didn't go so far as to sort through my makeup and throw things away, but it just may...

Why can't I make my own makeup?

I did some research and found some recipes for simple (food-grade ingredient) foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.

I have never been able to wear any sort of eye makeup because I have extremely sensitive eyes (and a lot of the eye makeup now-a-days just isn't what I'm looking for). I wonder if these non-toxic recipes may be a solution to some of that...you never know. Anyway, I made powder foundation. If you want to know how, I'll tell you! You will need:

Arrow Root Powder (Cornstarch works as well)
Coco Powder
Nutmeg (if you want)

I placed 1 tablespoon of Arrow Root powder in a small bowl. Then added 1/2 teaspoon of coco powder, a little cinnamon, and a tiny bit of nutmeg (but I wont be adding the nutmeg again, it is not fine enough) until you get the tone than you desire.

 I resorted to mixing it with my fingers. It seemed to blend it a little better, even though it was messy :)

 It looks super pale, in the above picture. The lighting didn't seem to help.

 I put the foundation in a little jar that I can keep in the bathroom cupboard. In the morning I wash my face, wipe my eyes and dry skin with coconut oil (rub it in well or you will end up looking shiny!), and apply a thin layer of this all-natural, non-toxic, completely edible, foundation. It offers a light coverage, but gives a beautiful matte finish. Very light and smooth on skin.

Don't take all your beauty tips from me! In truth, I don't even put makeup on half the time! I mainly do it for the sake of feeling "put together". Am I the only one who puts makeup on in the morning for this reason? Most of the time I know I won't even be leaving the house when I doll up and put my lipstick (um...coconut oil) on.

Anyways, I won't chatter any more! I hope y'all found this helpful, or at least it gave you some ideas :)

God bless!


~Rachel S.

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